Rate of NSC Interest

National Savings Certificates (NSC) are certificates issued by Department of post, Government of India and are available at all post office counters in the country. This scheme is specially designed for Government employees, Businessmen and other salaried classes who are IT assesses. It is a long term safe savings option for the investor. Trust and HUF cannot invest. The scheme combines growth in money with reductions in tax liability as per the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The duration of a NSC scheme is 6 years.

YearAfter 28.2.03
1st Year8.16 on 100 INR
2nd Year8.83 on 100 INR
3rd Year9.55 on 100 INR
4th Year10.33 on 100 INR
5th Year11.17 on 100 INR
6th Year12.08 on 100 INR
Total60.12 on 100 INR