Project Financing

Shah & Shah Project Financing services operate on an integrated financing facility that is significantly equivalent with the scope and duration of business transformations. Our services are customized to a wide range of business sizes and needs, with a focus on enablement, flexibility and accountability.

Aditya Shah & Associates. help you in the following areas:

  • Answer the demand businesses that provide superior funding by structuring major transformation projects and business consulting services.
  • Being an independent adviser, we have advised on more PPPs than any other professional services organisation by bringing in the specialist knowledge of deals in all sectors including transport, housing, education, health, defense, water and waste.
  • Facilitate instant project approval, preserve cash flow and credit lines, match cost outlays with expected benefits, and enable self-funding.
  • Strengthen and regularize payments.
  • Facilitate private sector partners to progress the process.
  • Helping you manage the uncertainties of project timings and cash outlays.
  • Give matching costs to anticipated benefits.
  • Reduce critical time-to-business-value.
  • Supporting on public sectors to develop the right procurement approach.
  • Supporting project launch.